Apr 12

April 12

backpacking in the mountains

As we move into spring, many students have begun thinking about travel, either studying abroad or traveling in the summer with friends and family. While some are excited by the prospect of living somewhere new, others are a bit hesitant. Spring is a time of growth, and traveling or studying abroad allows us to grow in our perspectives, friendships, and experiences. Whether you are traveling far from home, or just out of state, try to enjoy spending time somewhere new.

Traveling to new and exciting places often elicits a creative streak within. Many people document their journeys with journals, others with pictures, and some with poems. In the spirit of travel, here is a poem that evokes the feeling of adventure.

Through the Glen

The earth resounds of silenced songs
Old stories etched in stone,
Moss gathers on forgotten ruins,
Follow me on home.

Along those blissful rolling greens
The cry of tribesmen sound,
And echo on the craggy moors,
Follow me on home.

And for the weary visitor
A beaten path he roams.
It speaks to him through roots and weeds,
Follow me on home.

Through thistle glades and murky woods
The Highland chant resounds.
Imploring rueful traveler,
Follow me on home.

-Post and poem by Holly Ossanna, CSB 2020

Write your own: Write a poem about your experience with travel, or about somewhere you have always wanted to go. Or let your imagination run wild and write about how you would imagine traveling somewhere from a novel or a movie.