Mission & Learning Goals

Physics is the science for people who want to know “why?” It is the science that integrates and unifies our understanding of the physical world. On a more practical level, an understanding of physics is essential for applied science and engineering.

Physics plays an important role in all aspects of modern technology, and physicists are as likely today to be found in industry—working on practical problems—as in universities and government research laboratories—working on problems whose applications are longer range. 


Physics Department Learning Goals

  1. Concepts/Theory:
  2. Students will define and apply physical concepts.
  3. Problem Solving:
    Students will systematically solve complex physics problems.
  4. Experiment:
    Students will conduct experiments and analyze their data using appropriate tools and methods of error analysis.
  5. Communication:
    Students will effectively communicate their findings in a variety of formats using appropriate figures and equations.
  6. Specialties:
    Students will gain knowledge of specialized areas of physics.
  7. Initiative:
    Student will develop their own motivation and curiosity to pursue their own scientific interests. Students will be able to work creatively and independently.