Student Profile

Jill Randall Name: Jill Randall
Major: Physics, Math minor

To be in space

"I am a physics major and math minor.  The physics major is great preparation and background for a career in space science or aerospace engineering, which are the two graduate programs I am considering.  Our physics program is a challenging course at St. Ben's/St. John's but I feel it truly prepares me for life after college in the work force.  The physics major isn't only about learning about physics, its also about learning how to think, how to be creative, and imaginative.  It doesn't teach me what to think but how to think outside of the box, if you will.  After St. Ben's I hope to go to graduate school for Space Science/Astronomy or for aerospace engineering.  If I went into space science I would probably concentrate on cosmology, or studying the origins of the universe.  If I decided on Aerospace engineering, I would like to design/improve on space shuttles."

So much more than Physics

"I am in the percussion ensemble.  I am involved in the Ballroom Dance and Physics clubs.  I also play Ultimate Frisbee and am on several intramural co-ed volleyball teams.  I work in both the Chemistry and Physics departments.  I will be a physics Teaching assistant (T.A.) this coming fall."

Reasons why I came

"There were many different reasons why I chose St. Ben's.  I have family from the St. Cloud area and family members that have graduated from St. John's.  It was a highly recommended college from those who have attended it.  I also like the atmosphere of both colleges.  I liked the percussion department, which I am involved in.  They give great music and academic scholarships."