Sarah Yost

Academic Degrees:
Research Areas/Interest

Gamma-ray bursts, variable stars, characterizing variable astronomical objects in newly-available longer-term time series data.

Select Publications:

Yost, S. A.; Moore, T. M. “A search for correlations between gamma-ray burst variability and afterglow onset”, MNRAS 454, 3567 (2015)

Pandey, S. B. et. al. “GRB 090902B: Afterglow Observations and Implications”, ApJ 714, 799 (2010)

Yost, S. A. et. al. “The Dark Side of ROTSE-III Prompt GRB Observations”, ApJ 669, 1107 (2007)

Sarah Yost, associate professor

SJU PEngl 113
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College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Jim Crumley
Chair, Physics Department
SJU PEngl 107
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