How to update this site

How to update the Engineering Design Competition web pages

 From the site list, drag the previous year's competitions from their location under "Engineering Design Competition" to be placed in the "Archives" list.  Drag the current competitions from the "Archives" list to the "Engineering Design Competition" list.  This will not affect the actual Archives page contents but it will change the list of current pages that is displayed along with each page when viewed.  Make sure when you drag pages they do not end up as "children" of another page in the same list.

Edit the Engineering Design Competition page and the Additional information page to reflect the changes in competitions and dates.  Add to the years listed in the Archives page.

If the rules or procedures are to be changed, edit the pages for the affected competitions.

Updates are completed when the new versions are published.

Be careful about deleting pages since any "children" will be deleted along with them and they can't be recovered from a recycle bin.



Suggested rotation

There are eleven rotating competitions to select from.  Only three are used each year so it is possible to keep changing the combinations of three.  The toothpick/(craft stick), string and glue competitions along with the musical brakes competition, will attract the most participants and work well as the first competition of the day.  The speakers and tube competitions are likely to attract the fewest so they work best right before lunch so others may go to lunch a little early.  The right angler, projectile launcher and ramp climber are as challenging as any but they do seem to attract a number of participants and fit in well as the last competition of the day.  A good working combination of competitions includes one from each of these three groups.  There are four to choose from for the first session, four for the second and three for the third.

It would be nice to use a variety of materials for the impromptu competition but the object constructed should crush with less than 80 lbs. applied force.  Anything stronger than that will not register on the testing setup.  Craft sticks, tape and string work well for crushable objects.