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Philosophy Events:

Weekly POPCORN 3:30-5:00 on Wednesdays or Thursdays—check with Laura Schmitz for this week’s date!

Thursday, November 21, 2019 - World Philosophy Day Jeopardy
Come join us for Jeopardy and popcorn and other fantastic treats
Quad 361 (SJU) 4:00pm

Past Events Held:

November 2018: Love & Respect: Moral Attitudes and Practices of Recognition, a talk presented by our own Dr. Erica Stonestreet, Thursday, November 8, 4:30pm in Quad 361. Event is open to all students. Please click here to view poster with more details about talk.

April 2018: Three Attorneys Share Their Stories - Brother Dennis Beach, Chair of the Philosophy Department, will present three experienced attorneys who will talk about their careers in law and how their various educations prepared them both for law school and life itself. Thursday, April 19, 4:15pm in Quad 360. CSB/SJU students thinking about a career in law are encouraged to attend. Event is open to all students. Please click here to view poster.

March 2017: Assistant Professor J. Alden Stout (Morningside College//Ph.D. Purdue University) presented his talk titled "Entrepreneurship and Ethical Leadership: Integrating Ethics and Economics" on Thursday, March 2, at 4:15pm in Quad 360 at St. John's University. Delicious treats were provided. Please click here to read full abstract.

September 2016:
Associate Professor Neil Sinhababu (National University of Singapore//Ph.D. University of Texas) will present his talk titled "Emotional Perception of Morality" on Tuesday, September 6, at 4:30pm in Quad 361 at St. John's University. Yummy treats will be provided. Please click here to read/view full abstract.

February 2016:
Meet & greet philosophy faculty members event will be held in Quad 361 on Tuesday, February 16, from 4:00-4:45pm. This is a great opportunity for students interested in becoming a philosophy major or minor (or any student) to ask questions about our classes, program, etc. Those interested in Pre-Law or Ethics or other related subjects are welcome to stop by.  Yummy treats will be provided!

April 2015:

Professor Stephen Asma will give a talk on campus Thursday, April 16. He will talk about his book titled "Against Fairness" at 7:30pm in the Founder's Room (Q170). Click here to view more details.

Philosophy majors graduating in May of 2015 will present their work on Scholarship & Creativity Day - Thursday, April 23 in Quad 341 - 11am to 12:30pm. 
To read about the work they are presenting please click here.

The annual World Serious of Whiffle Ball game will take place at SJU on Thursday, April 23, with batting practice starting at 2:30pm; game time is 2:45pm. Weather permitting we'll play outside behind the Guild Hall/next to Tommy Hall. If the weather doesn't allow we'll play inside the Guild Hall.
Professor David J. Anderson will give a talk on campus Thursday, April 9, 2015. His talk titled "The Loving Father and the Absentee Landlord" will start at 4:20pm in Quad 264. Refreshments will be served. Click here to view his abstract.

The Minnesota Undergraduate Philosophy Conference will be held Saturday April 11, 2015 at Gustavus Adolphus College. The conference will feature paper sessions with undergraduate philosophers and a keynote address by philosopher/activist Dr. Anne Phibbs, Director of Education for the Office for Equity and Diversity at the University of Minnesota. To view the complete program click here.

March 2015:
CSB/SJU Professor Steve Wanger will present his work at the Thursday Forum Program on March 12 at 4:15pm in the Little Theatre at St. John's. His talk will focus on Descartes' claim, "I think, therefore I am," which is perhaps the most well-known statement in all of Western philosophy. During the past 350 years, it has been the subject of intensive philosophical scrutiny as well as the subject of endless jokes and bumper stickers. Yet, after all this time, its significance is still being debated. I will offer a new way of understanding Descartes' idea which, I believe, is true to his intent and which shows that his claim has a crucial role to play in our understanding of ourselves.

January 2015:
Archbishop Romero: Conversion, Martyrdom, Resurrection - A talk by Br. Dennis Beach, OSB on Thursday, January 22, at 7pm in Quad 264 at SJU. Click here to view poster

Associate Professor Kevin Sharpe, St. Cloud State University, will be speaking on the mind-body problem on January 29, 2015, at 4:15pm in Quad 361. His talk titled Are we rational animals is open to all students, faculty, staff members.  Click here to watch video of his talk.