Paul Benjamin Cherlin Ph.D.

Dr. Cherlin holds degrees in philosophy from Southern Illinois University (Ph.D, 2017), Brandeis University (M.A.), and the University of Minnesota (B.A.). He specializes in classical American philosophy, focusing on metaphysics, ethics, and political thought. He also has longstanding research interests in 19th century German philosophy and in the Romantic tradition more generally. He is associate editor of Dewey Studies, and has published a variety of articles and book chapters on the philosophy of John Dewey. Dr. Cherlin teaches a wide range of material, from Plato to contemporary thought, drawing from the Western canon as well as other philosophical traditions in order to understand and critique our deeply rooted social problems.

Recent publications include:

2020 (Forthcoming): “Manibus Date Lilia Plenis: A Pragmatic Eulogy in the Time of The Pandemic” in The Deweyan Task Before Us: Philosophy, Education, and Democracy in a Post-Pandemic World, eds. Giuseppe Spadafore and Eli Kramer.  SUNY Press. [Book Chapter]

2020: “The Metaphysical Grounding of Logical Operations: John Dewey’s Theory of Qualitative Continuity.” Contemporary Pragmatism, vol. 17, no. 4.

2020: “John Dewey’s Theory of Emergence: Culture, Mind, Consciousness, and Cognition.” Eidos. A Journal for Philosophy of Culture, vol. 4, no. 3.

2019: “Resilience as Wisdom: A Metaphysical Groundwork” in Pragmatist and American Philosophical Perspectives on Resilience, eds. Kelly Parker and Heather Keith. Lexington Press.  [Book Chapter]

2017: “John Dewey's Theoretical Framework from 1903-1916: Prefigurations of a Naturalistic Metaphysics.” The Pluralist, vol. 12, no. 2.

Spring 2021 Schedule:

PHIL 105-02A Identity and Social Ethics in America (CI)
Block C - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

7:00-10:0pm in Quad 252

CRN # 18178

ETHS 390-02A  Ethics Common Seminar: Nature, Democracy & Ethics 
Block D - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
7:00-10:00pm in Quad 252
CRN # 18021