Philosophy majors are equipped with many skills that transfer well to careers in all kinds of fields. Our departmental goals are handy:

  • The ability to read and understand difficult texts is great for anything that deals with complex ideas (including law).
  • Being able to articulate complicated ideas clearly is great for writing reports and making presentations—and tons of careers require these skills.
  • The ability to formulate good questions gets straight to the heart of a problem so that you can start to find the direction for a solution.
  • Developing charitable understanding of differing points of view is great for working with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Being able to make good arguments helps in anything where you have to convince people to go along with you—and that’s pretty much anything.

The Philosophy Department works with XPD (Experience and Professional Development) to make sure you’re able to show potential employers all of the assets you’ve developed in your philosophical training. Our alums have become technical writers, lobbyists, librarians, dentists, diplomats, teachers, and more! Philosophy is also excellent preparation for law or medical school, and many of our graduates have taken those paths.

Don’t take our word for it. Here are some outside sources.