Nat Springer

Major: Peace Studies/Environmental Studies

While at SJU, in order to obtain a variety of societal perspectives, Nat was involved in the Outdoor Leadership Center, the AKS Service fraternity, and Students in Free Enterprise. He has also participated in the Australia study abroad program. Nat's internship was at Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center where he was an environmental education naturalist and adventure challenge course counselor.

Nat enjoys different ways of looking at society and the environment. The perspective shaping power of music and the media are of particular interest to Nat. He feels that the Peace Studies major has supported his interests nicely. He chose the Peace Studies major because it did not treat his education as a "means to an ends." Nat explained, "The way it (the Peace Studies Major) was constructed also gave me some freedom to change my interests yet still connect it to the philosophy in which I believed."

While at SJU, Nat had planned to volunteer before attending graduate school, and intended to mix his Peace and Environmental Studies backgrounds when searching for a job. His main concern focuses on the, "increasing level of unsustainable development" in the world.

Nat's advice to future Peace Studies majors: "Take the path you want to take, and use Peace Studies as a tool to bring it all together . . . concentrate on those classes that interest you the most right now and will help you develop your perspective."