Lisa Deluney

Lisa Deluney, currently an editor with a legal publisher and finishing a law degree at The William Mitchell College of Law.

Lisa Deluney graduated from the College of Saint Benedict/ Saint John’s University in 2000.  Initially, Lisa became interested in the Peace Studies Program  after completing the Intro to Peace Studies course with Jeff Anderson.  She felt that Peace Studies was a field in which she could truly bring her interests to the table while discovering new perspectives.  She feels that the Peace Studies program has allowed her to challenge typical social conventions and has kept her grounded in the things that are most important- “People, understanding differences, and working towards a more peaceful existence.”

During her time at Saint Ben’s/Saint John’s, Lisa studied abroad on the Greco-Roman program.  This program allowed Lisa to experience many different languages, cultures and religions, which she says “increased the value of what she was learning and allowed her to put her theories into practice.”

Lisa also interned with the Minnesota advocates for Human Rights, which is a program that aids immigrants in gaining asylum in the U.S.  She had a unique experience interviewing immigrants and writing about immigrant cultures. 

Currently, Lisa is an editor with a legal publisher and is finishing a law degree at The William Mitchell College of Law.  Her experiences as a Peace Studies Major at Saint Ben’s/Saint John’s have helped Lisa validate and understand all of the different perspectives she has encountered in her studies and work.  Lisa’s background in the Peace Studies program at CSB/SJU has helped cultivate an attitude of problem-solving and cooperation which she can apply to the work she is doing now.   The program continues to remind her to step out of what is easy and comfortable.   Her advice for future Peace Studies Majors is “to study what you are passionate about, think outside ‘the box’, and ‘be the change that you wish to see in the world’ (Gandhi).”