Ken Vernig

Ken Vernig, currently a third-year law student at Lewis and Clark Law School, Portland, Oregon.

“Peace Studies majors think about things in a more balanced way.  When I watch the news, it feels like I’m just getting an editorial and I’m missing half the real story.  I guess being a Peace Studies major teaches you to realize there is another side -- to practically everything.”

Ken Virnig graduated from Saint John’s University in 2001.  He came to CSB/SJU initially with an interest in biology, but soon realized he was more interested in the relationship between people and the environment.  The interdisciplinary nature of the Peace Studies Program at CSB/SJU helped Ken to develop this interest by allowing him to see both the human and the environmental sides of the issues at hand.  During his undergraduate years, Ken interned with the Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture.  He also traveled to Central America.  These experiences remain transformative for Ken and have helped shape a desire in Ken to use his career for the people who truly need the help. 

Right now Ken is a third year law student at Lewis and Clark Law School, studying environmental and natural resources law.  He has been working with sustainable development and international environmental law issues, direct offshoots of his undergraduate studies in Peace Studies.  Ken feels that his learning at CSB/SJU in the Peace Studies program has helped him to keep sight of what’s just as he dives in to the more technical side of environmental law.