Katie Dugan

Major: Peace Studies/Theology
Focus: Humanities

By double majoring in theology and peace studies, this 2002 graduate has been able to follow a path of personal and professional development. According to Katie, “Peace studies helped me develop critical thinking skills. But learning to decide what I want to discover and how I want to get there was a real benefit of my education. It gave me more control over my academic choices.”

“One great thing about peace studies is that the program is so flexible. I was able to spend a semester learning about social change and community organizing with the HECUA Metro Urban Studies Term in Minneapolis. That internship prepared me for my future work with nonprofits. I was also able to study abroad in South Africa, and that experience was very powerful. It’s this kind of learning outside the classroom—this kind of learning that is encouraged by the faculty—that makes peace studies such a unique and invaluable academic experience.”

As of 2004, Katie is attending the University of Oregon, and working with the RARE (resource assistance for rural economies) program.

“My peace studies education has helped me to question power and structure and really see and experience the many layers of our world in a powerful way.”