Ingrid Erickson

Major: Peace Studies
Broadening My Horizons

“Being a peace studies major gave me a global perspective and stretched my learning beyond the boundaries of classes and books. The topics covered by peace studies classes pushed me to examine world views and my responsibilities as a global citizen. Also, through peace studies, I found a place to channel my concerns surrounding inequality, social justice, and politics.”

Integrating Real Life

“In the summer following my sophomore year, I was an intern for the Minnesota Alliance with Youth connected to Colin Powell’s America’s Promise program. An internship is required when being a peace studies major, and through it, I really learned a lot about myself and about ways to use a peace studies major once I graduated. Also, being a peace studies major allowed me to study abroad in South Africa for a semester where I had some amazing experiences.”

We Are Unique

“When I applied to CSB and SJU, I did not know a major like peace studies existed anywhere. Since I adopted it as my major, I learned that it is a unique component of CSB and SJU. Not all colleges have peace studies majors, and the program at CSB and SJU gave me some amazing opportunities and unforgettable experiences.”