Dave Johnson

Major: Peace Studies
Focus: Social Science

Discovering peace studies late in his college career, Dave explored many of his academic passions, such as political science and economics, thus creating a firm foundation in the social sciences. When Dave finally committed to peace studies, he was given the resources to critically review his beliefs and effectively incorporate various areas of study.

“I really enjoyed studying economics, political science and sociology, but in my mind, it didn’t make sense to just study one field. The track I chose allowed me to integrate different areas of study that are complementary, but not often tangibly connected.”

During his time at St. John’s, Dave traveled from the southern-most tip of South America—Tierra del Fuego—to Minnesota, on bike. “Peace studies allowed me to articulate a lot of the phenomena I saw along the way. It required me to do a lot of quantitative and qualitative work and it challenged me to critically evaluate systems, structures and theories that I experienced and learned about. Moreover my peace studies education took a very human approach to the social sciences; it helped me look at the sciences in terms of human costs and benefits.”

Blending his experiences, education and enthusiasm together, Dave currently works with The SHARE Foundation as the U.S. Director of Grassroots Organizing. SHARE is a nonprofit organization that works to support historically marginalized sectors of the El Salvadoran rural sectors.

“I have to say that peace studies majors are the most satisfied alumni I know. They have a real sense of purpose and cherish the relationship they have between their work and the impact it has on the broader community and world.”