Manju Parikh


Associate Professor , 1991- Present , Department of Political Science, College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University

I was Chair of the Department from 1995-1998.

I was invited to teach a graduate seminar at the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute, University of Minnesota, Spring 1995

I started teaching at CSB/SJU in 1986, and received tenure in 1991.
Visiting Instructor, Hamilton College, Clinton, NY1985-86
Lecturer, Bard College, 1984-85


Ph.D., Political Science, University of Chicago, Chicago, 1988
M.A., Political Science, University of Chicago, Chicago, 1978
M.A., Political Science, J. Nehru University, New Delhi, 1974
B.A., Political Science, American University of Beirut, Beirut, 1972

Current Courses

Introduction to International Relations, Politics and Political Life, Developing Nations, Asian Politics, Global Gender Issues, Senior Research Seminar, First Year Symposium, New Gender Relations, Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies, Politics of Diversity: Recent Immigrants and Refugees in Minnesota (to be taught in Spring 2004)

Scholarly Activities

Scholarly Presentations
"Wooing men to share power: Women's Struggle for increased political representation in India", Public lecture, Royal D. Alworth Institute for International Affairs, University of Minnesota, Duluth, April 2003

Organized a conference titled "Forum on New Minnesotans:
Experiences of Recent Immigrants and Refugees
" on February 10, 2003, which was held at College of Saint Benedict.

Panel participant, "One Year Later, 9-11", held at SJU, Nov 9, 2002 "Breaking through barrier to representation: Indian women seek greater voice in decision-making" - Organized a panel for the Annual Meeting of the Association of Asian Studies, Chicago, March 24, 2002. Also presented a paper titled, "Are reservations the way to en-gender the Indian Parliament and State Legislatures?"

"Emerging Trends in Women's Political Representation: India's 33 % solution", public lecture at the National conference - Commission on Women, organized by the Archdiocese of St.Paul and Minneapolis, at the College of St. Catherine, St.Paul, MN, Oct 26, 2001.

"American Undergraduate Reflections on the Partition of the Indian Subcontinent" . Organized a panel for presentation of papers of five students from my Asian Politics course (Spring 2001) for the Conference on South Asia held at University of Wisconsin, Madison, October 2001.

"Quotas or reserved constituencies? Women in India debate over ways to increase their influence in politics and decision making", Presentation for Collegial Conversations, Faculty Seminar at CSB/SJU, Sept 27, 2001

"Globalization and Emergence of the United States as a Hegemon: A critical examination of perceptions and assumptions", Public Lecture given at St. Dominic's College, Kanjirappally, Kerala, India, November 17, 1999.

"The disappeared and the Mothers of the Plaza of Argentina" , Presentation (based on my interviews conducted in Buenos Aires) at the Third Annual Conference, Creativity, Community and Political Change, held at CSB/SJU, Oct. 22-23, 1999.

"Nuclear Tests in South Asia" Presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Minnesota Political Science Association, Metro State University, St. Paul, November 7, 1998.

"United Nations at 50: A Retrospective Assessment from the Third World", Opening Keynote Lecture at the Eighth Annual Peace Studies Conference, held at St. John's University, September 25, 1995.

In addition to the above presentations, I frequently attend annual meetings of the Association of Asian Studies, Conference on South Asia at University of Wisconsin, Madison, National Women's Studies Association, American Political Science Association.

Selected Publications

Op ed article, "United States should embrace the International Criminal Court", Duluth News Tribune, July 24, 2003

Review of The New Politics of Islam: Pan-Islamic foreign policy in a world of states, by Naveed Sheikh, forthcoming in New Political Science, March 2004

A chapter titled 'Encorporating Men's Studies Research in Women's Studies Curriculum' in Gar Kellom ed, Designing Effective Programs and Services for Men in Higher Education, forthcoming 2004

Review of The Untouchables : Subordination, Poverty and the State in India by Oliver Mendelsohn and Marika Vicziany, The Journal of Politics, Vol. 62, no.2, May 2000

"The debacle at Ayodhya: Why Militant Hinduism Met with a Weak Response", Asian Survey, Vol. 33, no. 7, July 1993

Review of Bananas, Beaches and Bases: Making Feminist Sense of International Politics by Cynthia Enloe in The Journal of History of Sexuality, Vol.2, no. 2, July 1991

Service to Students

This Spring (2003) I was one of the readers for the essay competition organized by the Cultural Affairs Board. I read 50 essays on the theme of "What is Diversity"?

I have been invited to comment on films for the International film series for the International Affairs Club.

I helped the International Affairs Club with suggestion and contact to speakers: a) Students for Justice in Palestine spoke on "Can Israelis and Palestinians live together?" (Fall 2002); b) Professor Iraj Bashiri, University of Minnesota, "Taliban and Afghanistan", Spring 2002. c) Professor Ahmad Samatar, Dean of Macalester College to speak on "Muslims in the age of Globalization". (December 2001)

I attended the weekly planning meetings for the Women's Week this year (2003). I helped with planning for a talk on Trafficking in Women.

Service to the Profession

I am currently a Board Member of the Minnesota Political Science Association. I occasionally review articles on third world women issues for the journal, Women and Politics. The range of topics include 'The Dowry System in India', 'The Phenomena of Import Brides from Iran', and 'Class and Feminism in Africa'.

Service to the College and Department

I served as the Chair of the department from fall 1995 till summer 1998.

Currently I am a co-director of "Learning Through Difference", a Learning Community whose goal is to make campus environment more welcoming to students of color and international students.

I am on a Diversity Taskforce of faculty and staff from Student Development examining ways to help with recruitment and retention of minority students. This taskforce is also working with St. Cloud area high schools to identify promising students of color for future recruitment. The taskforce meets with school principals, counselors, and teachers.

For Global Awareness Lecture Series, I have invited several speakers to campus, such as Professor Tim Brennan, University of Minnesota, Professor Ashoka Bandarage, Mount Holyoke College. (2002-3)

Participated in the Committee to organize the celebration of Martin Luther King Day on our two campuses. Helped in the arrangement of the play on the life of "Paul Robeson " by the Mixed Blood Theater. (January 2002) In conjunction with the celebration, I also helped with information for a display on "Women of Courage" - New Women Leaders from several countries, which was set up at the Haehn Campus Center.

For Men's Lives Speaker Series, I helped organize the visit and lecture of Professor Alex Vernon, "Me, the Army, and Manhood", Nov 11, 2001 at SJU.

For Women's Lives Lecture Series, I helped organize the visit and lecture by Professor Clare Bratten, "Cyber Cherry Blossoms: Filipina Mail Order Brides and the Internet", Mar.26, 2001. I also helped organize the first lecture in the Women's Lives Lecture Series, by inviting Professor Barbara Frey, University of Minnesota, to speak on Women's Rights as Human Rights, Fall 1998.

Organized public presentation of film documentary, 'Stream Within' on the Indian Women's Participation in the National Independence Movement and lecture by the producer, Sonal Shukla from Bombay, India, October, 23rd 1997.

Organized for the Global Awareness Lecture Series, the public lecture by Dr. Souad Dajani, on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and the Middle East Peace Process, February 23rd, 1997

I have been also a member of several committees at the two institutions, including the Faculty Committee on Academic Affairs (which is our apex faculty representation committee), Peace Studies Department Advisory Committee, Gender Learning Community, Gender and Women's Studies Committee, Men's Studies Group, a member of the
Taskforce in charge of assessing Faculty Governance, and on theTask force to review the Asian Studies Curricular Resources.

Service to the Community

Along with Martha Tomhave Blauvelt, a colleague in History Department, I initiated the Feminist Studies Discussion Group for the women faculty and staff of College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University fifteen years ago. I have been the main coordinator of the meetings.

I am currently helping with the editing and production of the newsletter for the Indian Association of Minnesota and a new community newspaper called the Southasian (

Professional memberships

American Political Science Association, Association of Asian Studies, Minnesota Political Science Association, Minneapolis-St.Paul Committe on Foreign Relations.