September 2012

College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University
25th Annual Peace Studies Conference

Summary & Highlights

 "Challenges Facing Africans Today"

September 17, 2012
Sponsors: Department of Peace Studies; Center for Global Education; Peace Studies Club; CSB Campus Ministry;          CSB/SJU United Africa Students' Association

"An African Spring in the Making? Challenging the State in Sub-Saharan Africa."

Dr. Ernest Harsch, Research Scholar, Institute of African Studies, Columbia University.

 African Students' Forum on "Challenges Facing Africans Today."

Moderator: Hiwote Bekele, CSB/SJU United Africa Students' Association 

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Panel: "Challenges Facing the St. Cloud Somali Community." Moderator: Hudda Ibrahim, 2012 Recipient, Mische Peace Studies Scholarship.
Presentations: Abdul Kulane, Community Grassroots Solutions (CGS): "Housing."
Salmaan Mustafa, American Refugee Committee: "Health and Culture."
Jama Alimad, Director, CGS: "Education."
Hudda Ibrahim, Director, Women's Health & Advancement Programs, CGS: "Women."

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"Women, Peacebuilding and Sustainable Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Kenyan Case Study." Dr. Patricia Mische, CSB Alum, retired Lloyd Professor of Peace Studies and World Law, Antioch College; Co-Founder, Global Education Associates.


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