Photo by Curt Coudron

The sixty-acre wetland was restored in 1988 with the construction of two dams on the north fork of the Watab river. This marsh provides breeding, nesting, and feeding grounds for over one-hundred - fifty species of birds and mammals, not to mention the numerous insects, reptiles, and amphibians. Species such as bitterns, egrets, otters, geese, marsh wrens, wood ducks, muskrats, black terns, and even eagles and sandhill cranes have been observed. A keen observer will notice that the species of birds and animals present varies in the wetlands with the time of year as does the water level in the wetlands. 

This project highlights the importance of the many values of wetlands, such as water quality, flood control, and wildlife habitat. However, while the wetlands may already be very dynamic, it will take many years for a healthy and diverse habitat to mature.

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