Zachary Staver ’24

Chesapeake Beach, Maryland

There Is a Beautiful

There is a beautiful noise that is the chirping of the birds
Incredibly more gentle than any human’s words
It’s quite a lovely conundrum that so often occurs
I’d argue it’s number eight of the world’s seven wonders

There is a beautiful sight that is the rippling of the water
Heartwarming like a father’s smile at the wedding of his daughter
Soft as the sun setting in Autumn
Like staring at shooting stars, wishing you had caught em

There is a beautiful aroma that is the scent of the pine
Something I wish I could hold in these two hands of mine
Sweet as rosemary mixed with thyme
More complex than any words I could ever rhyme

There is a beautiful place that is the Earth
Undercut, underrated, undervalued in its worth
I heard recently it’s been looking into a hearse
But can’t afford it because we’ve been stealing money out of its purse

There is a beautiful woman that is Mother Nature
So majestic and powerful, she makes the strongest of men quiver
From an ocean to a mountain, a desert to a river
She deserves every amount of protection, respect, appreciation, devotion, admiration, recognition, gratitude, and love that we could ever possibly give her