Orienteering on your Own!

Did you enjoy your experience orienteering with us?

Why not come out and enjoy the experience again!

Courses of various difficulty levels are provided as well as all the information you need to try it out on your own!  All you need to provide is a compass!Teachers learn about orienteering

Need help finding the orienteering course?
Check out the map below!

Click for larger version

The orienteering course is located in the oak savannah.
You can access it by either parking at our Prairie Kiosk and taking the boardwalk across the wetlands, or by parking on the road located next to East Gemini Lake and entering the oak savannah through the brown gates. The starting points (labeled 1,2,3) are all located in a the same area(center of course).

Special thanks to John Dwyer, 2007 St. John’s Preparatory School Alum, who is responsible for the creation of this orienteering course. 

Questions? Email us at [email protected] or call 320.363.3163.