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What is the Outdoor Leadership Center?
Job Description
  • Plan, market and attend outdoor events including the annual triathlon and Eco-Challenge
  • Assist with daily office needs
  • Check out and check in equipment
  • Stop at the OLC for a complete list of the associate job description
Our Mission
  • Provide experimental learning for customers through outdoor programming and the rental of outdoor equipment.
  • Introduce clients to new areas of interest in the great outdoors.
  • Provide alternative leadership opportunities and encourage socially responsible life skills.
Desired Skills

At the Outdoor Leadership Center, we look for creative and outgoing CSB/SJU students who have an outstanding work ethic and an ability to effectively work with clients and coworkers. The Outdoor Leadership Center is more than a rental store and events planner, it is a student-run non-profit organization with all of the aspects of a real-world business.

Some of the skills we look for are:

  • Outdoor experience and an appreciation for the outdoors
  • Ability to work with people
  • Creative approaches to business challenges
  • Strong programming skills
The OLC employment application is currently unavailable.