Equipment Charges

Late fees:

Equipment is due back by 6 p.m. on the day after check out to avoid a late fee. A $5.00 per item (or pair) charge will be automatically charged to your account. Example: If someone checks out cross country skis, poles and boots, they will be charged a $15.00 late fee per day. A $5.00 per item/day will be charged to your account until you then fall under the "no return fee" policy outlined below.

No return fees:

If equipment is not returned within ten (10) days of being checked out (count the day you checked out equipment as one day), your account will be charged a no return fee for the full cost of replacing the equipment.  This is in addition to the late fee charge.  Equipment must be returned by 6 p.m. on the fifth day in order to avoid being charged, however, the appropriate late fee will still be charged.

Equipment - Indoor/Outdoor

 No return fee



Roller blades


Cross country skis


Cross country boots


Cross country ski poles

 $15.00 each

Snow shoes


Volleyballs or soccer balls

 $35.00 each


 $30.00 each



Tennis, racquetball and/or badminton racquets

 $25.00 each

Tennis balls, racquet balls, whiffle balls or birdies

 $3.00 each

Bocce or croquet sets


Bats, softballs, baseballs or gloves

 $25.00 each


 $10.00 each

Golf clubs and bag


Hockey skates


Kick balls

 $20.00 each

Wiffle ball bats

 $7.00 each

Damage fees: These fees will be charged if the damage is seen beyond reasonable wear and tear of daily use.

Broken ski pole


Broken ski bindings


Broken snow shoe strap


Bent snow shoe or ski


Excessive tar on roller blades


Excessive scuffing on roller blades