Collegebound Camping

Northshore of Lake Superior

ItascaCampGroups will camp in state parks along the North Shore of Lake Superior. This trip is intended to introduce participants to basic camping and expose them to a variety of outdoor activities. Campers will experience a wide range of ecosystems along the way, ranging from forests of oaks and pines to costal vistas. Wildlife encounters are common, with the potential to see deer, moose, black bears, eagles, and otters each day.

Beginning in Gooseberry Falls and traveling towards Grand Portage, groups will select the State Parks where they will camp. Days will be spent hiking through the parks and exploring waterfalls, forests, and swimming holes. All groups will end in Grand Marais for a final night together. Expect changing sceneries, local discovery, and community travel.

Don't worry if you don't have any gear or experience! The facilitators will provide all the outdoor equipment you will need for your trip. There are two separate Northshore camping trips, a Men's trip and a Women's trip which will travel and camp separately.


Dates: August 15-22, 2018 (the week before orientation)

Cost: $375

If you have any questions, or you need more information, please contact us: