Collegebound Backpacking

Superior Hiking Trail Backpacking

Women backpackers on the trailGroups will backpack and hike along the Superior Hiking Trail, carrying all necessary belongings with them for the five day trip. Spanning 310 miles from Duluth towards Canada, this trail follows the rock ridgeline north of Lake Superior. The Superior Hiking Trail is characterized by steep ascents to cliff lines and rock outcroppings as well as descents into river valleys throughout northern Minnesota.

Beginning at Caribou River, groups will hike approximately 6-8 miles each day along the Superior Hiking Trail, and ultimately hike into Grand Marais. Expect a new sense of accomplishment, serenity, and fellowship.

Men backpackers on the trailDon’t worry if you don’t have the gear or experience! The facilitators will provide the backpacks and outdoor equipment you will need for your trip. Male and female groups will travel together but camp separately.

Dates: August 19-26, 2020 (the week before orientation)

Cost: $395

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