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Saint John's Outdoor University provides environmental and outdoor education through classes, events, and initiatives with the Abbey Arboretum, Saint John's University, and the College of Saint Benedict.


Saint John's Abbey Arboretum is more than 2,500 acres of lakes, prairie, oak savannah, and forest owned by Saint John's Abbey and surrounding Saint John's University.




Our Shared Vision

Saint John's Outdoor University and the Abbey Arboretum celebrate the unique beauty and richness of God's creation in central Minnesota and foster the Benedictine tradition of land stewardship, education, and environmental respect.

Saint John's Outdoor University Mission

Saint John's Outdoor University provides environmental and outdoor education
in pursuit of:

  • Environmental literacy and connections to the natural world that motivate responsible environmental decisions;
  • Leadership development and personal growth through experiential learning;
  • Sustainable land use and conservation
  • Learning, recreation, and spiritual renewal in the Abbey Arboretum and other great outdoor spaces.

Abbey Arboretum Mission

  • Preserve native plant and wildlife communities of the Abbey Arboretum lands
  • Provide opportunities for education and research
  • Model practices of sustainable land use
  • Make accessible a natural environment that invites spiritual renewal


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