13. Water Control Structure

Water Control StructureThe wetlands, like Stumpf and Gemini Lakes, are fed by the North Fork of the Watab River.  Originally ditched for agriculture by the monks, this restored 60-acre wetland not only provides valuable wildlife habitat but also acts as a natural filter for the University’s treated wastewater that enters East Gemini.  After flowing through the wetlands, the North Fork of the Watab meanders to meet with the South Fork near Mill Stream Park in St. Joseph and then eventually runs into the Mississippi near the paper mill in Sartell.       

The water control structure shown is utilized to raise and lower the water level as needed for restoration  management. Water levels are often increased to drown non-native plants and increase water area for waterfowl nesting in spring.  Water levels are decreased to establish plant seedlings and mimic natural cycle of wetlands.

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