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Green Frog

(Rana clamitans)

The Green Frog is appropriately bright to olive green in color, often with a yellow throat. Adult males have enlarged eardrums, larger than the eye, while the eardrums of females are roughly eye-sized. Sometimes mistaken for Bullfrogs, Green Frogs can be distinguished by their dorsolateral folds, which are two raised creases that start above the ear and run along the back. This feature is also prominent in Leopard Frogs, Wood Frogs, and some Mink Frogs. This species also superficially resembles the Mink Frog, but can be distinguished by its banded legs. The call of the Green Forg is a banjo-like “plunk”, which is sometimes repeated multiple times. Males have a lengthened territorial call often given in early summer, which sounds like a higher-pitched version of the Bullfrog's low moan. This call is usually given among the usual plunks. 

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