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Chorus Frog

(Pseudacris triseriata)

The Chorus Frog is closely related to the Spring Peeper, but has a striped back and comes in a wider variety of colors including red, green, brown, gray, and yellow. Its suction cups are significantly smaller, so it rarely climbs more than shrubs and low wetland vegetation. The Spring Peeper is rarely seen, usually only in the spring and fall when migrating to or from breeding ponds.
Unlike the Spring Peeper, this species is tolerant of human development, and its cricket-like trill is often heard in suburban swamps. On the Saint John's campus, it is heard calling in the wetlands at the North end of Stumpf Lake and in other shallow wetlands east of the campus. Here, single males call amongst choruses of Spring Peepers. Chorus Frogs call in the spring, usually just after Wood Frogs and often later alongside toads, tree frogs, and Leopard Frogs. 

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