Avon Hills Initiative Newsletters


Perceptions of the cultural climate in the Avon Hills area–rapid changes
Allan Davisson
Allan Davisson is a member of the Avon Hills Executive Committee and has been involved with the group since its birth. This essay chronicles the environmental, cultural, and socioeconomic changes that have occurred in the Avon Hills since the 1960’s and 1970’s. The essay not only highlights the importance of biodiversity to the continued strength and success of the Avon Hills, but also examines demographic diversity and its importance to the vitality of the area.

Tradition of Education and Research in the Avon Hills
Michael D. Lee
Michael Lee works for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and is a botanist and ecologist. He was involved in the Minnesota County Biological Survey for Stearns County and was one of the original team members working on the Avon Hills Initiative.

What It Means to Grow Up in the Avon Hills
Kenzie Cotty
Kenzie Cotty was a seventh grader at Saint John’s Preparatory School when she wrote this essay.