Maple Syrup Sap Collection

Maple Sap Collection!

The collecting of maple sap is an integral part of the syruping season. Since we collect the sap using bags and buckets hanging on the trees, we need people to help us empty them into larger barrels. Here is what to expect with sap collection:

  • No experience necessary! We will show you what to do when you arrive. If you arrive at the start of the sap collection time, you will head out with the initial group. If you arrive after the start time, we always try to leave someone at the sugar shack to direct latecomers. Please do not arrive early so we can keep track of what parts of the woods have been collected.
  • Sap collection is a physically taxing, enjoyable, and potentially wet job. You will be walking around the woods, probably through snow and/or mud, carring 5 gallon pails. You will empty the sap from the bags and buckets into your pails, then carry your pails to larger 55 gallon barrels and dump the sap out. Then repeat over and over again.
  • Wear layers, appropriate footwear, bring a water bottle. Leave your earbuds at home and enjoy the sounds of spring in the forest.
  • There is a portable toilet at the sugar shack.
  • We do our best to give people at least 1 day notice when we need help and we do our best to correctly anticipate when we will need help. We appreciate your patience if conditions or circumstances change and there is no sap to collect when you come. 
  • Supervised children are more than welcome to come and help collect sap. Even if 'helping' means watching you collect as they run around the woods. 
  • We highly recommend walking out to the sugar shack, unless you have 4 wheel drive (directions). 
  • Record your time on the volunteer hour website! We can't thank you for your help at the end of the season if you don't log your hours. 

If you have questions, contact Sarah Gainey.