Maple Syrup Volunteers

Volunteers are an integral part of the syruping process at Saint John’s. We need help with everything from tapping trees and sap collection, to cooking syrup and working at our festivals. Below are a few things to know about being a maple syruping volunteer.

Directions to Sugar Shack Enter Volunteer Hours Join the Volunteer Email List


The best way to find out when we need volunteers is to sign up for our email list. We send regular maple syrup updates throughout the season and occasional requests for volunteers on other projects throughout the year.

Sap Collection

Collecting the sap from the bags and buckets hanging on the trees is our most common need for volunteer help. Check out our sap collection page for details and directions.

Volunteer Hours

It is important to us to know how many hours volunteers are putting in during the syruping season. Please be sure to record your name and hours in the  online volunteer reporting form.

Sugar Shack

We recommend walking out to the sugar shack. The road is plowed, but often muddy and rough, and many vehicles have gotten stuck in the past. There is a portable bathroom at the sugar shack throughout the season.


The weather can vary greatly during the syruping season. You’ll want to dress for those varying conditions: boots, jacket, hat, gloves, etc. We recommend wearing wool and dressing in layers!

We thank you for your interest and help to make our syruping season a success!