Maple Syrup FAQ

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Where does maple syrup come from?

Can you tap other kinds of trees?

When do you make maple syrup?

How much maple syrup do you make in a year?

How much syrup can you get from one tree?

How much sap do you need to make a gallon of syrup?

How big does a tree have to be before it is tapped?

Is maple syrup better for you, nutritionally?

When did Saint John’s start making maple syrup?

Where can I buy Saint John’s Maple Syrup?

Can I help make Saint John’s Maple Syrup?

What weather conditions are needed for sap flow?

How many trees does Saint John’s tap?

What is sugar sand?

Why are there different colors of syrup?

What are syrup grades?

Where can I buy maple syrup supplies to make my own maple syrup?

Where is the sugar shack?

How much wood does it take to make maple syrup?

Can I cook sap on my stovetop at home?

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