Mission and Learning Outcomes

Our Mission

The mission CSB/SJU Undergraduate Research at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University is to provide all students with opportunities to engage in intensive scholarship, research, or creative work. The goal of the program is to support growth of student scholars  in a manner which facilitates initiative, integrative learning, problem-solving, and innovative thinking, while fostering an unparalleled mentorship experience. We support and encourage students as they develop and disseminate their work to larger external audiences (e.g., publication, exhibition, scholarly presentation, or public performance). Undergraduate Research provides resources and support to students and their faculty mentors that facilitate the students’ scholarly and creative efforts.

Who We Are

Undergraduate Research is committed to being “research and creative work for all” by guaranteeing inclusive and accessible opportunities for any student.  Driven by our Faculty Advisory Committee representing all disciplines, UR Program leadership executes holistic and high-impact programs and opportunities that include faculty mentorship, financial support, and professional growth.

Program Outcomes


Student will generate and pursue opportunities to expand knowledge and skills.

Solving Problems

Students will learn to develop a logical plan to solve problems, articulate reasons for choosing components of their plan, and recognize the implications of various outcomes.

Innovative Thinking

Students will extend a novel or unique idea, question, format, or product to create new knowledge or knowledge that crosses boundaries.

Connections to Experience

Students will meaningfully synthesize connections among experiences (including research, classroom experiences, and experiential learning such as internships and study abroad) to deepen understanding of fields of study and to broaden their own points of view.

Faculty-Student Mentoring

Through program administration, students will be provided with a pathway to connect with faculty who can provide guidance and support on academic, professional, and social issues, helping students to not only achieve but also identify or clarify their goals.

Undergraduate Research and Creative Work:

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