How to Get Started

There are two primary ways to begin a research or creative work project at CSB and SJU:

Faculty-Student Collaborations

We have several opportunities for our students to get started with Undergraduate Research by joining a faculty member on a project that they have already developed. While the project has already been outlined, students get the opportunity to contribute ideas, assist with adapting methodology, and complete tasks that support their development as a researcher. This can take place through:

  • UR’s Summer Collaborative Grant Program
  • UR’s Summer Microgrants
  • UR’s Emerging Scholars Program
  • Departmental Summer Research Lines
  • Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs) in Departments
Student Original Work

Many students often have interest in pursuing a project that is their own original idea. We define Student Original Work as research or creative work where you are leader. You are the one that has the idea or question that needs an answer. You are the person determining the best research or creative process. And Undergraduate Research is here to support students from the initiation phase to the dissemination phase. We recommend the following steps to prospective researchers:

  • Identify an idea or question for a project
  • Identify a Faculty Mentor
  • Develop a project description
    • (3-5 sentences about your project, potential methodology, and anticipated outcomes)
  • Determine the appropriate venue to make this project successful
    • (Could the project be an ILP for credit? Is it a capstone project? Could it be a Distinguished Thesis? Are you completing it in your free time?)
  • Agree upon a mentorship plan with your faculty mentor
    • Ask questions like “how often should we meet to discuss the project?” “How can the mentor help hold you accountable?” “What does effective communication mean to both of you?”
  • Identify costs that might be associated with your project
    • Apply for an UR production grant to cover costs of supplies, travel, or incentives to complete your project
    • Apply for an UR presentation grant to cover costs associated with presenting your final project to an external audience
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