OURS Grant Program

OURS offers grants to support students engaged in research or creative work. Three different grants are available to students: Production, Presentation, and STEM Professional Development Grants.

Production Grants

Production grants are intended to support students by defraying the direct costs of conducting scholarly or creative work. Production grants can cover consumables, travel related to conducting research, or incentives for study participants. Costs associated with producing a final project related to your work (such as printing of posters, papers, etc) can be included. 

Students are eligible to apply for 2 production grants per academic year, with the award totaling no more than $600. Production grant amounts range from $50-$600.

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Presentation Grants

Presentation grants support the costs incurred by students traveling to present their work off-campus. Costs associated with preparing for your presentation (such as printing posters, arranging travel, conference registration fees, etc) can be included. Students who have costs associated with submitting work for professional publication are welcome to use presentation grant funding for this expense.

Students are eligible to apply for 1 presentation grant per academic year, with the award totaling no more than $1000.00

CSB and SJU are hosting the 2023 Winchell Symposium on April 29, 2023. If you are interested in attending, OURS will cover your registration fee and poster costs EVEN if you have already received a presentation grant for 2022-2023.

Please note:

Students applying for projects related to the Fine Arts should apply for a production grant if they are coordinating a performance or display. Fine Arts students should only apply for a presentation grant if they will be showcasing their work off-campus.

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Covid-19 Travel Guidance

Sr. Phyllis Plantenberg STEM Professional Development Grant

In 2020, an anonymous donor established this endowment in honor of Sr. Phyllis (Dunstan) Plantenberg of Saint Benedict's Monastery. Sr. Phyllis taught biology at CSB/SJU for 34 years, founded Common Ground Garden as a CSA (community supported agriculture) enterprise, and is a cofounder of the St. Joseph Farmer's Market. Her passion for the natural world has made her an inspiring and cherished teacher, colleague, and friend to many in the CSB/SJU/OSB community and beyond.

The new Sr. Phyllis Plantenberg Endowment allows us to offer exciting new opportunities for our current STEM researchers. We are now able to offer financial support to students who would like to pursue a professional development opportunity - such as conferences or webinars - where they are not presenting their own original work (which makes it different from our presentation grants). Students will submit an application for this grant where they will articulate why it is necessary for them to pursue this opportunity and how it benefits their research. Grant amounts range from $20-$500. Faculty endorsement required. 

Please note:

It is expected that proposed professional development opportunities are tied directly to a research project. Each student may be awarded 1 STEM PD grant per fiscal year (July 1st - June 30th).

Apply for STEM PD Grant

Grant Funding Process

  • Student submits grant application for funding. While grants can be submitted anytime, grants are reviewed once per week during the academic year.
  • Student sends faculty mentor link to form for letter of support, as well a copy of the grant.
  • Grants are reviewed and fully approved/partially approved/denied by OURS; students receive grant notification letter.
  • Grant recipients are expected to follow grant purchasing & reimbursement policies.
  • End of Experience Assessment is due to Lindsey Gutsch upon completion of project/travel; an email will be sent to you prompting you to complete a survey. 
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