Pathways Criteria

Students engage with a Pathway and earn their Distinction by completing a combination of required and elective criteria over the course of their time at CSB and SJU.

Engage Globally

Earning the Engage Globally distinction demonstrates your commitment to understanding justice and the common good beyond your own geographical location. You’ll embrace opportunities to become more aware and knowledgeable about world systems and their points of intersection and divergence. You’ll study and practice social responsibility locally and globally. Examples include studying abroad and one year of active participation in a student group or student employment focused on global engagement.

Embrace Difference

Earning the Embrace Difference distinction demonstrates your commitment to meaningful inclusivity. You’ll gain a better understanding of how power/privilege, gender, culture, abilities, identity, etc. position people in the world. You’ll embrace opportunities to learn from, respect and work with people whose identity and perspectives are different from your own. In the process, you’ll become adept at cultural agility. Examples include completing the Intercultural Development Inventory and completion of two courses beyond the CSD requirement.

Think Deeply

Earning the Think Deeply distinction demonstrates you can apply critical thinking and cognitive complexity to a variety of higher-level tasks. You’ll embrace opportunities for reflective learning, analytic inquiry, investigation, application, problem solving, creativity and communication. Examples include completing a Distinguished Thesis and public dissemination of your own research or creative work.

Serve Graciously

Earning the Serve Graciously distinction demonstrates you’re passionate in service as a leader in both your professional and personal life. You’ll embrace opportunities to develop ethical/moral principles that guide your actions through acts of service, helping others and promoting the common good. Examples include participation in Summer Leadership Fellows and significant service as a mentor to other students in capacities like FYX Peer Mentor or Orientation leaders.

Live Courageously

Earning the Live Courageously distinction demonstrates courage in decision-making, resilience in the face of challenges and opportunities, and an ability to advocate. You’ll embrace opportunities for personal growth in honoring the integrity of honoring others. This Pathway is earned through nomination with your consent.

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