Pathways to Distinction

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What are Pathways to Distinction?

Pathways to Distinction is a new program that will help Bennies and Johnnies stand out for their exceptional accomplishments inside and outside the classroom.

Pathways to Distinction are guided steps to achieving CSB and SJU’s Institutional Learning Goals – Embrace Difference, Think Deeply, Engage Globally, Serve Graciously, and Live courageously. , Each Pathway enables students to strategically decide how they want to stand out during their four years on campus. The distinctions—while challenging to earn—are not entirely based on GPA or coursework. Instead, they recognize your extraordinary development and accomplishments across a variety of academic, community-based, personal, leadership, global engagement, service and other experiences. These distinctions embody the Benedictine Values and complement our Integrations Curriculum.

Students will ultimately embark on one Pathway, gathering experiences and evidence over the course of their time at CSB+SJU. Upon the semester of graduation, students will submit their work via an e-Portfolio the Pathways Committee of faculty and staff who will review and award distinctions. Students are honored at graduation for their accomplishment.

What is the Impact of Pathways for our Students?

  • Students are intentionally working to meet our 5 institutional learning goals, helping them clearly see that the work they are doing and the things they care about are actually helping them achieve outcomes that prepare them for life after graduation.
  • Pathways to Distinction captures the holistic college student experience, integrating what happens inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Challenging to earn, but not entirely GPA-based; this is a distinction that is actually meaningful to students AND employers in the 21st century, embodying the value of a Liberal Arts education.

When Should I Refer a Student to Pathways?

  • While a Pathway is challenging to earn, they are accessible to any student. Students are incentivized to complete a Pathway because they will have the ability to select criteria within a Pathway that provides the most value to them. Any student interested in or already involved in hands-on learning should be referred.
  • Certain Pathways will emerge as natural fits for students based on majors, career goals, or campus involvement. If you advise within a particular academic program or you work frequently with student leaders, you may find yourself regularly referring to one or two pathways.
  • If a student is interested in mapping out a way to meet their criteria over the course of their four years on campus, they can be referred to our Office for a Pathways Discovery appointment!
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