Outstanding Distinguished Thesis Award

Every spring semester, Undergraduate Research selects one exceptional thesis for the “Outstanding Thesis Award.” The Award is based not only on an exceptional thesis, but also on the Thesis Scholar’s growth as a researcher, investment in the process, and ability to share the importance of their work with others. Nomination from the Thesis Committee is required to be considered for the award.

Previous Outstanding Thesis Award Winners

2024 – Cameron Hahnfeldt, “Creating Minimal Bases for Symmetric Groups Acting on L-Sets”

2021 – Emily Twardy, “Games with Permutation Groups”

2020 – Bardia Bijani Aval, “Implementation Considerations for Mitigating Bias in Supervised Machine Learning.”

2019 – Bryan J Crossman, “Angular Dependence of Third-Order Optical Nonlinearity in Indium Tin Oxide.”

2018 – Wyndham Chalmers, “Arousal Reappraisal and Interoceptive Awareness: How Awareness of Bodily Changes Facilitates Heightened Performance and Ability to Reappraise.

2017 – Timothy Immelman, “Who Wants to Join? Variation and Strength in Social Networks.

2016 – Emily C. Schoenbeck, “The Women of Cheboksary.

2015 – Molly L. Sullivan, “Who Will Make the Cut? Gender Bias and Contrast Effects in Hiring Behavior.

2014 – Kevin Windhauser, “‘To Offer Salvation and Eternal Life Equally to All’: The New Purgatory in the Poetry of John Milton.

2013 – Marie Meyer, “Nim on Groups.

2012 – Shannon McEvoy, “Latino/Latin American Muralism and Social Change: A Reflection on the Social Significance of the Cold Spring Mural.