Search Instructions

You will find six different ways to search the schedule.


If you are looking for a particular presenter or advisor or if you know the title of the talk you're trying to find, you may search the titles, advisors and presenters simply by typing the name or text you wish to find in the box.


You may search for campus specific presentations.


This allows you to choose either poster or oral presentation formats.


If you are looking for talks with interests similar to your own, this allows you to search by discipline (Art, Chemistry, Economics, English, etc.) or program (Service Learning, Gender and Women's studies, etc.).

Start time:

If you have an opening in your schedule and looking for something to attend during that time, this allows you to search talks starting at a chosen time.


If you have an open space in your day and are looking for something nearby that you might attend, this allows you to find talks by building. 

Remember, the more information you enter, the fewer presentations your search will return.

Choosing a column title will sort the listed presentations by that criterion. For example, in the returned search if you want to sort by start time click on the word Time in the column header and the talks will be sorted by increasing time of day.

Creating and Printing your personal schedule: 

Each time the search button is pressed a list of talks with a selection box at the left will appear.  If you are interested in a particular talk simply check the box and it will be added to your choices for the day. 

Pressing the clear button does not clear your selections. It simply clears the list to allow you to begin a new search using different criteria.

You will have the opportunity later to remove presentations from the list.  Of course you may remove a talk at any time simply by clicking the box a second time to remove the check mark. However, if you wish to clear all your selections choose "unselect all" in the column header above the check boxes.

When you've finished your search and you are ready to print your schedule for the day select "Print all selected" in the column header above the check boxes.  This will take you to a confirmation page to verify your choices.  If you've changed your mind about attending a particular talk simply choose remove.  You may also choose at this point to print or hide the full project descriptions.

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