Project Advisors

Advisors play a key role in the success of Celebrating Scholarship and Creativity Day and we thank you in advance for your work to support student scholars. The quality of student presentations is a reflection not only of the work the presenters put into their projects, but also of the mentorship you have provided them.

Developing Abstracts
Approving Abstracts
Having trouble logging in to the advisor’s approval page?

In some cases you may need to type “ad” before your user name in order to log into the advisor page. Please try this step first if you have problems accessing the page.

Registering Large Groups of Students/Classes

In general, we encourage students to register their own abstracts, just as they would for any large conference. However, as the advisor, you may register a large group of students or a full class at one time if you wish to avoid approving multiple abstracts.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected].

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