Project Advisors

Advisors play a key role in the success of Celebrating Scholarship and Creativity Day and we thank you in advance for your work to support student scholars. The quality of student presentations is a reflection not only of the work the presenters put into their projects, but also of the mentorship you have provided them.

Developing Abstracts
  • Abstract writing is an excellent skill for student scholars to develop, and can do so with mentorship from their faculty project advisor. For CSC Day, we ask that student abstracts include:
    • a brief summary of your project, containing key components of statement of the research question or purpose, background (if relevant), methodology, key findings, and conclusions.
    • To see samples of abstracts, visit our Abstract Database
    • We encourage students to consult with you to ensure the abstract aligns with discipline standards.
Approving Abstracts
  • See a complete list of your abstracts! Deadline to approve is April 10.
  • When students register, they will list you as their advisor which will trigger project abstract approvals to come to you via email. At that point, you will have two options:
    1. If the title and description do not meet your expectations, please select, "Click here to return form with comments." This will send the abstract back to the student for revisions.
    2. If title and description meet your expectations, please select, "Click here to accept the description and continue the form."
      • Please note that the advisor is capable of making minor changes to the title and abstract, if necessary, without sending the form back to the student.
      • Identify areas of interest for this project as you approve it. You may choose as many of these areas as you would like, as this helps us build an accurate searchable schedule for the day of the event.
  • You will be asked to determine the length of time required for the presentation. Events under one hour can be scheduled in 10 minute blocks. Events over one hour are scheduled in 15 minute intervals.
    • Please consider:
      • The length of time required for the presentation.
      • How much time should be allowed for questions and answers.
      • Adding an additional 5 minutes to allow audience members to leave one event and move to the next event.
      • Large poster session registrations are fixed in length and do not require this step.
        • Presentations cannot be scheduled during the 8:30 a.m.-10 a.m. timeslot, as we want to encourage our community to attend the Large poster session.
Having trouble logging in to the advisor's approval page?

In some cases you may need to type "ad\" before your user name in order to log into the advisor page. Please try this step first if you have problems accessing the page.

Registering Large Groups of Students/Classes

In general, we encourage students to register their own abstracts, just as they would for any large conference. However, as the advisor, you may register a large group of students or a full class at one time if you wish to avoid approving multiple abstracts.

  • Please select the appropriate "Presentation Method".
  • Under "Presentation Type," please select "Group".
  • Enter each student's name or select the box for "Add Students From a Class".
  • Enter Abstract information.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected].