Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Large Poster Session?

The Large Poster Session is our largest session on CSC Day! This poster session mirrors what you might experience at a national or international conference, including space for students to display their posters, engage in dialogue about their research, and connect with other researchers or scholars to learn about work they are doing. Students from all disciplines are welcome to present and attend.

How do I make changes to my room reservation(s)?

Once you have submitted an initial request to either CSB or SJU Events using the form(s) provided on the main Celebrating Scholarship & Creativity Day page, you must call or email CSB or SJU Events directly to update, cancel, or change your reservation.

When will I hear back from CSB or SJU Events on the confirmation of my room request?

Please allow 3 – 5 business days to receive confirmation of your room request. You will be notified via email.

What is the process for submitting an abstract?

  1. Students submit abstracts and list their faculty advisor/mentor in the form.
  2. The abstract will then be sent to the faculty advisor/mentor for review, correction and approval. The faculty member will also be asked to enter the department scheduler’s information (note: this should be one faculty or staff person within each dept. as requested in January).
  3. The department scheduler will be asked (via email) to complete the form by entering in the presentation building, room, and time.
  4. Once all parties have approved, the abstract will be automatically entered in the searchable schedule.

What is an abstract and how do I write a quality one?

An abstract is, “An abstract is a short statement about your research or project designed to give the reader a complete, yet concise, understanding of your paper’s research and findings. It gives a thorough overview of your paper or project” (Amherst, 2014). A well-developed abstract should contain the following (Research, 2011):

  1. State, in clear terms, the central research question and the purpose of the research.
  2. Provide a brief discussion of the research methodology.
  3. State conclusions and significance.
  4. Include text only (no images or graphics).
  5. Be well organized.
  6. Be discussed with your faculty advisor.
  7. Be spelling and grammatical error free.

How do students print their posters?

Students are responsible for organizing the printing of and payment for the poster. We recommend utilizing SJU Duplicating Services for printing posters in color. Please send the completed poster to SJU Duplicating.

Posters should follow CSC Day Poster Guidelines:

  • Recommended poster size is 30″X40″.
  • Glossy Finish, in color.
  • Send a PDF of your poster to SJU duplicating for on-campus printing; cash or departmental budget numbers are accepted.

How do students get mounting supplies for posters?

Students presenting at the Large Poster Session at CSB will be provided with mounting supplies and easels on CSC Day.

  • Presenters should check-in at the registration table in the Gorecki upper atrium by 8 a.m.
  • Foamcore Boards will be available to adhere your poster. If you already have your poster adhered to a foamcore board, please feel free to bring it as is!
  • Clips, tacks, and tape will not be provided. It is up to you how you would like to secure your poster to the foamcore board.

For other presentations, the student is responsible for mounting supplies for posters such as foam board, double-stick tape, binder clips, etc.

How can I have my work published online?

If you would like your work to be featured on our institutional repository, DigitalCommons@CSB/SJU, please indicate this on the online student abstract submission form. When filling out the form, under “Publish Project,” please check the box next to “I want to deposit my work into our institutional repository…” We strongly encourage all students to submit their abstracts, allowing the institution to have a robust compilation of students’ scholarly work.

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