CSC Day Spotlight

Each CSC Day, the Undergraduate Research Program highlights the research and creative work of a select number of exceptional student projects as part of our CSC Day Spotlight! To be considered for the spotlight, students must be nominated, register to present their work at CSC Day, and submit a short video Flash Talk describing their research or creative work. 

Spotlight recipients are selected on the basis of having a timely project that exceed expectations, not only in the quality of the research or creative work, but also in their growth as scholars in their field.

2024 CSC Day Spotlight Recipients

Natalie Miller – Ligand Binding to LMW-PTP , advised by Edward McIntee

Elijah Browne – Teaching in the Social Sciences and Humanities Curricula, advised by Kate Bohn-Gettler

Sonja Hoversten – Using Student Interests to Explore Inclusion in Undergraduate Chemistry, advised by Lisa Gentile

Maggie O’Donnell – Welcome Home, advised by Steven Lemke

Carina Bustos and Caroline Tuck – Observing the Effects of P60W and H108W Mutations on the Specific Activity of Human Mitochondrial Malate Dehydrogenase, advised by Lisa Gentile

Emma Smith – The Association Between Student-Mentor Relationships and College Students’ Motivation and Academic Success, advised by Erin Donohue 

Caroline Tuck and Sonja Hoversten – Investigating H108W as a Spectroscopic Probe in Human Mitochondrial Malate Dehydrogenase, advised by Lisa Gentile

Brody Beskar – Experimental Measurements of Prompt Fission Gamma-Ray Spectra, advised by Dean Langley

Kathryn Schug – Duality: Artists’ Books Exploring Multiple Sides, advised by Rachel Melis

2023 CSC Day Spotlight Recipients

Emily Rogalla and Lauren Voll – Oxidative Potential for Atmospheric Particles, advised by Dr. Christen Strollo

Mary Ludwig, Sonja Hoversten, and Caroline Tuck – Inserting a Spectroscopic Probe into Human Mitochondrial Malate Dehydrogenase, advised by Dr. Lisa Gentile 

Fiona Rosko and Sawyer Macht – The Determination of the Minimum Inhibitory Concentration of Erythromycin, Gentamicin, Ciprofloxacin, and Cephalothin for Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Pseudomonas fulva, advised by Dr. Dave Mitchell 

Eli Anderson – Ammonia Inhalants (Smelling Salts) and their Effect on Countermovement Vertical Jump Peak Force Output, advised by Dr. Trista Olson

Kaitlyn McKenzie – Low-Cost Spectrometer for Ti:Sapphire Laser , advised by Greg Taft

Kenedi Mullings – The Personality Profile of US Vice President Kamala Harris in Office, advised by Dr. Aubrey Immelman

Clare Lamb – On The Verge Costume Design, advised by Amelia Cheever

Jazmin Acuna – We’re Here, advised by Dr. Christi Siver 

Anne Beuing, Bailey Eakins, Daniel Eickhoff, William Maikkula – Society for Advancement of Management Case Study, advised by Steve Schwarz

Canaan Cooper – The Effect of Glucose on the denaturation of Human Serum Albumin, advised by Dr. M Abul Fazal

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