Spring 2014 People's Choice Voting

"Johnnies and Bennies around the World" Photo Contest
People's Choice Voting

  • The CSB/SJU community will choose the winner of the Photo Contest.
  • It is your job to look at the photos located below and pick your favorite.
  • Please remember that you can only vote once, so make it count.
  • Also tell all your friends to vote!

All winners of the CSB/SJU Study Abroad Photo Contest will be announced on our website February 24, 2014.

Entry #1
Photo Name: Sounds of Bells

Description: Early on in your study abroad experience, you come to find that your anticipations and expectations of what you will experience truly surprise and amaze you every day. During our three hour hike through the breath taking Swiss Alps, we heard the gentle humming sound of ringing bells in the distance. To our surprise we encountered a herd of grazing cows at the top of the mountain!  

Entry #2
Photo Name: Patagonia

Description: A five day trek in the wilderness of Patagonia can easily push you to your limits. For us five Bennies and Johnnies, it meant the culmination of our time abroad. Nature threw a lot at us during our hike...including broken shoes, ripped pants, and hurricane force winds. For us, it was entirely worth it and we would go back in a heartbeat. At the end of the world, we discovered again where we began five months prior - together.

Entry #3
Photo Name: Thankful in Florence

Description: On one of our walks in Florence, we journeyed across the oldest arch bridge in the world, the Ponte Santa Trinita, and got an incredible view of the iconic Ponte Vecchio. With it being Thanksgiving weekend, we really spent a lot of time recognizing how blessed we were for this incredible experience, the people we met, and the family we became. 

Entry #4
Photo Name: The Pont du Gard

Description: During a weekend long group excursion in the south of France our group visited the Pont du Gard an ancient roman aqueduct bridge. We spent a few hours eating our lunch, wading in the river and exploring the ancient bridge and the surrounding area. This was a weekend early on in our trip and this weekend and outing in particular were big bonding experiences for our group!

Entry #5
Photo Name: Exploring the Dark Hedges of Antrim

Description: One of the things that really sets the Cork program apart is that there are no scheduled trips, we are responsible for planning all of our own travel. My group went to Northern Ireland for a weekend and several of us wanted to see the Dark Hedges while we were there. We had the entire area to ourselves and got to spend time enjoying the beautiful, peaceful hedges. This was especially meaningful after our travels the day before which had been on a bus tour that involved us hopping on and off the bus on a tight schedule. It was great to be back on our own schedule and travelling at our own pace. Our trip to Northern Ireland and the Dark Hedges really reinforced why I picked the Cork program, the freedom to travel.

Entry #6
Photo Name: Winding Road

Description: When a student opts to study abroad, it is for the experience. We remember the majestic moments that knock us off our feet, and this was certainly ours. Located more than 12,000 ft above sea level, the highest peak in Spain, Mount Teide of Tenerife, a dormant volcano, was a humbling experience, exemplifying how we had been feeling on our study abroad trip: on top of the world. After hours flying above the clouds for a several months, we were finally able to walk there.

Entry #7
Photo Name: Jade Dragon Snow...Jump!

Description:  The Yunnan excursion proved to be absolutely beautiful! This picture captures the essence of the trip: matchless scenery and great friends. Before going to China, I never knew this side of China. I heard about the pollution, population, and economic problems. Not once did I hear about the incredible people and beautiful landscapes within China. There is adventure and opportunity in China if you look past the opinions of the news media. China was an absolutely wonderful adventure that changed my life, I recommend anyone to travel this blossoming country.

Entry #8
Photo Name:Full Circle

Description: On our last day in Salzburg a small group of us decided to climb one of the surrounding mountains. It seemed fitting since it is the same thing the whole group did our first weekend in Salzburg. It was a bittersweet hike, as we reminisced about the difficult hike our first weekend, and how much closer we had grown as a group since then. As we took in the view of Salzburg one last time, I felt a sense of completeness, and for the first time, realized it truly is the journey that matters and not the end. 

Entry #9
Photo Name:Bennies and Johnnies Playing the Shamisen

Description: This photo reflects Bennies and Johnnies integrating themselves into the Japanese culture, with other foreign exchange students from other parts of the world, by learning a traditional instrument.

Entry #10
Photo Name: Single File

Description:  This photo captures such a memorable experience of being able to interact with largest mammal on land, the African elephant. We walked hand in trunk, were able pet their rough skin, and even got to go for an elephant ride. It was amazing interacting with one of South Africa's most treasured animals.

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