Useful Links

Professional Organizations
  • American Dietetic Association: "The American Dietetic Association was founded in 1917, and is the world's largest organization of food and nutrition professionals."
  • Society for Nutrition Education: "SNE is an international organization of nutrition education professionals who are dedicated to promoting healthful sustainable food choices and who share a vision of healthy people in healthy communities."
  • American Society for Nutrition: This Web site provides press releases and house testimonies on nutrition topics. It links to the American Society for Nutritional Sciences which provides the Journal of Nutrition Online. The Web site also provides career information.
  • American Public Health Association: Issues of health and public policy are addressed at this Web site. Lists of health resources are available.
  • Dietetics Online: The most useful feature of this Web site is the link to other nutrition resources. This Web site serves as a networking group for dietetic and nutrition professionals.
General Nutrition Information
Nutrition and Disease
  • American Cancer Society: Questions about cancer can be answered at this Web site through an easy-to-use search tool. Information about cancer research is also available.
  • Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation: Links to cancers specific to women, men and children is a key component of this Web site. The Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation provides grants for cancer research and a list of the currently funded projects is provided.
  • OncoLink: Providing cancer information as well as sections about research and treatment, this is the web's first cancer resource. As part of the Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania, this Web site features frequently asked questions about cancer, "disease-oriented menus," results from clinical trials, and support for cancer patients.
Heart Disease and Fats
  • American Diabetes Association: The Web site of the American Diabetes Association has diabetes information, links to other sources, and includes recipes, research updates, and an interactive search tool.
  • CDC Diabetes Public Health Resource: Facts about diabetes, questions and answers about diabetes, and risk factors of diabetes are some of the information available from this site.
Food and Culture
  • The Office of Minority Health: This Web site is a resource center for organizations and materials that are related to minority health issues and minority populations.
CSB/SJU Library Resources Related to Nutrition