Archive 2016

2016 Student Research 

The Correlation between Technology Usage, Health Behaviors, and Academic Performance.   Bao Yang '16

The Prevalence of the "Freshman 15" in First Year Male and Female Students. Jackie R. Kemnic '16

What Is The Evidence That Xylitol Chewing Gum Decreases Cariogenic Bacteria Population In College-Aged Students? Jake Wagner'16

Correlations between Habitual Exercise Patterns and Fasted Lipid Profile and Resting Blood Pressure Measurements in College Students. Jenna Bautch '16

What Is the Relationship Between CVD Risk Factors and Dietary Calcium Intake in a College-Age Population?  Mary F. Cherne'16

The Acceptability of Different Squash Varieties in Lasagna to Increase Red-Orange Vegetable Consumption for School Nutrition Requirements. Alyson Pulvermacher '16

Improving Public Health Outcomes Through Recipe Modification. Zach Shivers, Preston Joffer '16

Integrated Health Science Major-Effects of Sports Drink Consumption on Salivary pH During Exercise. Charlie Wenner '16

Hydration Status, Habits, and Knowledge of Collegiate Cross Country Runners. Laura Comee'16