Archive 2015

Public Health

What is the general understanding of dietary iodine and the adequacy of iodine concentration in household iodized salt in rural and urban Jalisco, Mexico? Andrea Guajardo '15

Food Addiction in College-Aged Females. Sophie Stangl '15 Integrated Health Sciences Major

What is the caffeine intake in students at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University and how does it relate to academic performance and stress? Emily Schroeder '15

Fluoride Concentration of Teas Consumed By College Students during Fall 2014. Maren Iverson '15 Integrated Health Sciences Major

The Effect of Caffeine on Mood and Memory in Females Getting ≤ 6 or ≥ 8 Hours of Sleep. Nicole Pagel '15 Integrated Health Sciences Major

Iodized Salt Is Good For You! Iodine Intake of College-Aged Women. Tessa Lasswell '15

The Effects of Breakfast Consumption on GPA, BMI, and Total Daily Caloric Intake. Xia Lee '15

Mobile Application Use and Healthy Eating Behaviors in Young Adult Females. Callie Neumann '15

Eating Competence, Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors and Diet Quality in College students. Bailey Weirens '15

Exercise Physiology & Sports Nutrition

What are the effects of 6.2 mmol (400 mg) acute nitrate supplementation on Yo-Yo IR2 test in female and male hockey players? Burleigh Biel '15

What is the correlation between vitamin D levels, sprint times, and muscle recovery in division III college basketball players? Emily Lueck '15

Effects of a Caffeinated Pre-Workout Supplement on Anaerobic Performance in DIII College Football Players. James T Ford '15 Integrated Health Sciences Major

Caffeine Excretion Rates of a Single Dose of 300 Milligrams of Caffeine in College Students. Jennifer Ulveling '15

Nutritional Knowledge and Nutritional Practices of DIII Collegiate Dancers. Tori Grootwassink '15 Integrated Health Sciences Major