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Public Health

Has Pressure to Reduce Salt Consumption Put Us at Risk for Iodine Deficiency?  Alyssa Virnig '2013

Ad Libitum Salt Use Behaviors in College-aged Students. Jennifer Erickson '2013

Dietary Intake Compared to Nutrition Knowledge in College Students. Laura Wiechmann '13

Vitamin D and Seasonal Affective Disorder in Collegiate Females during the Winter. Gretchen Mach'13

Exercise Physiology & Sports Nutrition

Pre and Post-Practice Hydration Status of Female Collegiate Basketball Players. Anna Mirsch '13

Prevalence of metabolic Syndrome in a Division III Football Team. James Obler '2013 Integrated Health Sciences Major

Serum Vitamin D Status in a Division III Football Team. Kelly A. Borgerding '13

Can the Buffering Effects of Sodium Bicarbonate Reduce Muscle Damage as Measured By Creatine Kinase? Luke Weyrauch '13