Archive 2012

Public Health

Got Raw Milk? Is the nutritive value of milk compromised when it is pasteurized? Kari J Sholing and Lindsay R Ganong '12

Talking Dirty? How Contaminated Is Your Mobile Phone? Konnie Zimmerman '12

Energy drink mixed with alcohol consumption patterns, motivations, and outcomes in CSB/SJU students. Taylor R Boyum '12

Exercise Physiology & Sports Nutrition

"It's not good enough for YOU to be in the water, the Water has to be in you" -Hydration status of Swimmers. Abby J Gallagher, Jacquie M Donohue '12

Correlation of Vitamin D Status with Performance in Female Cross Country Runners - a Follow-up Study. Kelly M Donahue '12

Effect of Vitamin D Status on Anaerobic Performance in College Basketball Players. Shannon M Stadelman '12


Relationship of Fruit and Vegetable Intake with Serum C-Reactive Protein Levels in College-Aged Students. Elizabeth A Petterssen, Jessica N Vargason '12

Is there a correlation between depression and inflammation in college students? Jennifer Yelle & Cassie Dorschner '12