Archive 2011

Public Health

Influence of eating in a cafeteria on nutritional adequacy of college-aged females. Kristine E Melody, Erica L Manternach, Katherine G Jepperson '11

The truth behind the five second rule.  Elizabeth A Petterssen and Jessica N Vargason '11

Correlation between vitamin D intake and serum 25 (OH) vitamin D3 levels in women of the St. Benedict Monastery ages 59-89. Brianna M Schneider and Melissa A Nelson '11

Identifying the Characteristics of Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified (EDNOS) in a Community Sample. Kristina A DeMuth '11

Sustainably incorporating health-promoting omega-3 fatty acids into the American diet. Erica Manternach '11

Exercise Physiology & Sports Nutrition

Carbohydrate-protein Drink Fails to Reduce Muscle Damage in Division III Racing CC Skiers.  Jared Sundstrom and Sarah Sorensen '11

25(OH)D Levels and Athletic Performance in Division III Female Cross Country/Indoor Track and Field Runners. Katie Jepperson, Katie Schwarz [and Tyler Etheridge] '11