Archive 2010

Public Health

The effects of 8 grams soluble, viscous fiber, provided as one serving of oatmeal, on blood lipid levels in 28 college staff. Emily Field, Shannon Moore and Molly Bray '10

Changes in human serum lipid profile with regular consumption of omega-3 fatty acid enriched eggs vs. consumption of regular standard hen eggs. Jessica Agnew Hoeppner '10

Vitamin D intake and average serum level of 25(OH)D3 in a monastic community compared to the national average and how these levels correlate with the com munity's rate of dementia/cognitive decline. Molly Bray '10

Exercise Physiology & Sports Nutrition

Weight Loss, dehydration practices and serum electrolyte levels in division III wrestlers. Brian Syverson & Stephanie Mackenthun '10

Iron Status of Division III Male Cross Country Runners: A Follow-up Study. Kelsey Rehwaldt '10

Vitamin D status in division III male cross country runners: a follow-up study. Ali Galzki '10